Healthpitch | The Audition

Just finished recording the last episode of “The Soprano”, our answer to the lockdown. As our Tour was cancelled, we tried to update our technological skills producing a virtual version of our show. A lot of work, very interesting training with Jane and Connor ( and nice interaction with Louise and Tom, my dear friends/singers

(picture from our last performance at the Library in Calne 25.9.’10)

The Audition, a jukebox opera

Francesca Lanza, soprano

Louise Crane, mezzo

Tom McVeigh, baritone

The Audition, e’ un testo scritto da Rachel Barnett che ci ha permesso di assemblare vari brani famosi e accattivanti da proporre in case di riposo e hospice. Luoghi in cui le persone non riescono piu’ a venire a contatto con cio’ che amano, l’Opera ad esempio.

Ora in tour “The Audition”. Wiltshire 29.05/1.06

2017 : “6 Characters”