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Evans and Francesca, the Italian duo with classical vocal training and an irresistible passion for breaking boundaries, embark on a musical journey through the best loved songs and duets from the early 1900s. An ideal cruise that touches on different countries and repertoires, where Berlin refers to the German capital but also to Irving Berlin, the prolific American composer who wrote White Christmas, Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better), Cheek to Cheek, and hundreds more celebrated songs.

True to the event’s title, they therefore present Broadway and Motion Picture standards alongside Irving Berlin’s best-known songs, touching on German musical works from the same period, and why not some Italian repertoire. George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter, Kurt Weill, they all contribute to a great mix of enchanting music and engaging stories that make for an unforgettable. Be ready to smile, get emotional, laugh,
love, all on the same night.
Evans and Francesca are accompanied by their Italian 5-piece band.